Do you need to speed up code development?

We will select a specialist for you, a whole team, or we will take over the development.
The stack of technologies that we are good at
We work with all major development and programming tools.
Why us
We provide only proven and flexible specialists
We will replace a specialist at your request within two weeks, regardless of the reason for such a replacement.
Working hours will be according to the established time zone, regardless of the location of the contracted specialist.
All developers have a resume describing competencies and completed projects. Resumes are sent upon request.
We guarantee complete confidentiality and quality control at all stages of our cooperation.
We will help you speed up writing code of any complexity
We will hire a specialist or an entire team, or we will take on the entire project.
We will solve your problem ourselves
We will start the project's develop from scratch or continue developing the existing tasks.
Scale your development team
Add flexibility by involving one or more developers.
We provide a cohesive team
The composition will be selected for your specific task, which will speed up its work.
UX/UI design
Tasks we can solve:
We will answer any question
If you have any questions, you can ask them by clicking on the "Ask" button below.
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  • Reduced personnel costs.
  • Flexibility in personnel management.
  • The customer is insured against a situation where a person suddenly leaves.
  • Fixes a problem with finding rare frames.
  • The balance sheet reflects an increase in expenses, which means a decrease in income tax.
  • Reduced risks of insurance and other unforeseen events with personnel.
  • There is no need to interact with regulatory authorities.
A company that:
  • needs an urgent solution to the problem/implementation of the project;
  • can't run the project on its own.
  • needs scale;
  • reduces personnel costs;
  • does not want to engage in recruitment independently;
  • plans to focus on its core business;
  • wants to find a rare specialist.
The minimum starting period is 40 hours for a specialist and two months for a team. A discount is provided when taking a specialist or team for three months or more.
We select candidates that match your request. If you wish, you can interview specialists of interest to you and see their projects. After that, you choose the manager and staff that suits you, and a team is formed from them.
We will select specialists as quickly as 24 hours and a team in as little as three days. Before you start working with a specialist or a team, you can interview them and give them a test task, and then decide whether they are right for you or not.
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